Lifestyle Floors Chelsea Range – £17.99 sq/m

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The Lifestyle Floors Chelsea range features superior quality laminates of 8mm thickness and bevelled edges on all sides. The bevelled edges lend an authentic wood look to the floor. These floors are superior in terms of durability too, offering an incredible 20-year product warranty (residential use).

The Lifestyle Floors Chelsea range offers several attractive features, which make these floors ideal for people with different lifestyles. The Chelsea range is suitable for any room, including those that require underfloor heating. But, they are not recommended for heavy-moisture prone areas such as bathrooms.

These floors are rated AC3 Heavy Domestic, which means they can handle heavy foot traffic at homes. They are designed to absorb sounds; so, foot taps or sounds of objects falling, do not reflect as heavily as standard floors. They come with an anti-bacterial coating, which means these floors do not support breeding of bacteria – your floors will be hygienic, which is particularly useful if you have kids or pets.

As a low-maintenance product, the Lifestyle Floors Chelsea range of flooring is very easy to clean. Regular use of a vacuum cleaner or a sweeping brush is enough to keep the floor clean.

In addition, the floor is built to be resistant to scratches and dints. For additional scratch protection, consider using felt pads under furniture legs; this prevents scratches on floors while moving the furniture.

Apart from impressive performance in residential settings, the Chelsea range from Lifestyle Floors is a wonderful option for commercial spaces. They can accommodate light commercial traffic.

Installing the floor is easy as the Chelsea range employs a click-together technology. Planks can be connected to click in place. Replacing a damaged panel is easy too.

Product Details
Pack Size (in m2): 2.162
Thickness: 8mm
Plank Length: 1261mm
Plank Width: 190.5mm
Style: Wood Plank