The cost effective solution that looks great!

Floorex are proud to offer a unique service that allows you to re-use exhibition carpet for multiple exhibitions and displays*. We lay, lift, clean and store the exhibition carpet at our premises ready for you to call at any moment helping you make a substantial saving.

After the event the carpet comes back to our warehouse and is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and repaired and is then categorised into either exhibition use or cut into room sizes and sold off through our retail outlet.

This means Floorex Carpets can offer its customers a reduced price for recycled carpet and being green at the same time.

Finally once it has no further exhibition use it is made into Polyprop Pellets and recycled into items such as Decking & scaffold walkway boards, flowerpots and bottles which means our products are totally green as we work with local companies to help reduce our carbon footprint even further.

*For the life of carpet – depending upon wear.

Tilon Performance Decking


Have you ever wished that your decking could always look as good as the first day it was laid without all the fuss and expense of regular maintenance? With the new Tilon Performance Decking you get a product that looks as good as new, even year after it has been laid – no fuss and maintenance free!

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